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Swiss Minister and Ambassador to SA visit CHPC

Swiss State Secretary (the equivalent of a minister) for Education, Research and Innovation, Dr Mauro Dell’Ambrogio and the Ambassador to the Embassy of Switzerland in South Africa, Mr Christian Meuwly, visited the Centre for High Performance Computing (CHPC) on 2 June to discuss the centre’s operations and a number of potential collaboration items. They also used the opportunity to explore and to view the centre’s datacentre and technology.

On the agenda were discussions around collaborations with big data, with specific reference to processing and storage. The Swiss delegation was also keen to understand CHPC’s participation in the European Organisation for Nuclear Research’s (Cern) Atlas and Alice projects and applauded the country’s admittance saying it reveals South Africa’s ability to back international science experiments. CHPC signed a memorandum of understanding with Cern for provision of a Tier 2 processing facility and will run 1600 jobs per day for international projects. Plans are underway to expand services to Cern for a Tier 1 facility which involves provision of a permanent storage.

High on the Swiss delegation’s agenda was to initiate a discussion towards collaborations between CHPC and École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne on establishing and facilitating Moocs for Africa. Moocs are massive open online courses designed with the aim to change the century-old model of higher education. Their interactive technology aims to deliver top-tier teaching from institutions like Harvard, Stanford, and MIT, not just to a few hundred students in a lecture, but for free and via the Internet to thousands or even millions around the world. CHPC/Swiss government discussions are set to continue.

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Planning for the next three years

Members of various research and user communities gathered at the CHPC in Cape Town on 29 January 2015, to develop the centre's strategic objectives for years 2015-2018. 

This meeting is customary to the centre as it allows its users to determine the centre's direction and focus and hopefully creates a sense of ownership among all. Some of the items on the agenda included:

  • Projected scientific and engineering problems that will require HPC and the value of such studies in South Africa,
  • The type of HPC architecture required for different scientific applications in the future,
  • Developments in applications which should be taken into consideration,
  • Demand in associated infrastucture, such as long-term data storage facilities and netowrk connectivity,
  • Human capital development and focused training programmes to enable efficient utilisation of HPC across the user communities; and
  • Projected scientific output when there has been sufficient provision of computational resources.

The user focused meeting was then followed by a CHPC staff meeting (30 January 2015) meant to use the community's inputs to draft a strategy for the three-year term.




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Multidisciplinary innovator Peter Braam to guest lecture at CHPC

Dr Peter Braam will be presenting a series of lectures and workshop for CHPC between 22 and 27 February 2015. Here is the program.

Peter is currently working with Cambridge University on the SKA telescope science data processor and is most known as the creator of the Lustre File System.

The offering is as follows:

  • Software architecture & engineering processes: concept and practise
  • Trends in HPC storage
  • The excascale challenge of SKA imaging software
  • The parallel architectures of Narendra Karmar
  •  Course: Object storage for cloud and HPC

Please RSVP to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before Thursday, 12 February 2015.

For more info on the lectures read here.

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Winner: CHPC User Satisfaction Survey

Miss Olayide Adebimpe Arodola, a UKZN masters graduate in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, was selected in a lucky draw, the winner of the CHPC User Satisfaction Survey. She has won a tribal chess set and a travelling laptop bag. 

Olayide has a Masters Degree in Pharmaceutical Chemistry, specialising in molecular modelling and drug design research. She was involved in two of her own projects, which were successfully completed in 2013. In her masters, Olayide excelled exceptionally, she has one publication in a highly ranked peer-reviewed journal and a second one awaiting reviewer’s comment.

Her publication and MSc dissertation are as follows:

  1. Arodola, O.A., Radha Charan, D., and Mahmoud, E.S.S. (2014) QSAR study on diketo acid and carboxamide derivatives as potent HIV-1 integrase inhibitor, Letter of Drug Design and Discovery, 11, 618-627.
  2. Arodola O.A., Molecular Modeling Studies on HIV-1 Inhibitors and their potential use as Anticancer agents, M.Sc dissertation, University of KwaZulu-Natal, 2014.

Her dissertation is not yet published. 

Congratulations Olayide!

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